Alexander Weinreb
Research Interests

Africa, Judaism, historical sociology
Dr. Weinreb's primary research interests are in the relationship between group-level identities (family, clan, tribe, region, religion, nation, etc.) and a range of social and demographic outcomes. This has inevitably taken him into varied theoretical and disciplinary turf (from micro-sociological theory to political economy). Since most of his research has focused on sub-Saharan African societies, he has also developed important secondary interests in data collection methodology, in particular the extent to which standard survey methods can be usefully applied in developing country settings (they can be, but with limitations).
His most important new research interests are in global religious change over long historical periods, and in the sociology of Judaism. Aside from these, he also has latent interests - gradually encroaching on shelf space - in the sociology of genocide and the demography of arid lands.

Regions of Academic Interest
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