Amy Pavel
Research Interests

Research areas: Human Computer Interaction, Natural Language Processing, Human-AI Interaction, Accessibility, Learning, Creativity, Communication

Research interests: Our lab designs, builds, and evaluates new AI-driven interactions that make communication more effective and accessible.

To learn more:
- Visit Amy's website to learn about my research interests and read recent papers from my lab
- Read a quick interview about our lab's work
- Check out some thoughts about meme accessibility

Typical student contributions to my research
conducting formative studies to uncover current challenges
designing new interfaces and interactions
building algorithms and interfaces
designing and conducting user studies
analyzing data
presenting and writing about research
Comments about previous experiences working with students

Prior undergraduate research assistants have co-authored papers, led research projects as first author, successfully moved on to PhD programs (and cool industry jobs), and worked on projects that they care about. Undergraduates are invited to fully participate in a weekly project meeting as well as lab events (e.g., lab meetings, writing workshops).

Successful undergraduate researchers in my lab typically:

  • Are excited to meaningfully contribute to research related to our lab's work
  • Have at least one type of prior relevant experience (broadly defined, see below)
  • Are able to commit at least 10 hours a week for at least a semester

Prior experience can include things like:

  • Building and experimentation skills: e.g., programming, web technologies, training and testing models, analyzing quantitative data
  • Design skills: e.g., interviewing, observation, prototyping, graphic design
  • Evaluation skills: e.g., conducting user studies, designing experiments, analyzing qualitative or quantitative data
  • Communication skills: e.g., summarizing prior work or data, technical writing, presenting
  • Research skills: prior research experience

Most students who work with me are Computer Science students who have taken the intro series of CS classes or have other experience working on significant programming projects. However, I am open to working with students across campus who have prior related experience.


Unpaid opportunities
Research activity interest
Question: Designing experiments
Selected option: N/A