Ashwin Rajadesingan
Research Interests

I study how people engage with politics online. I am interested in how online spaces can foster spirited, engaging political discussions and contribute to building a vibrant deliberative democracy. I combine large-scale computational methods with qualitative interviews to (re)design online spaces to facilitate quality online political interactions.

Student Programs and Populations
Typical student contributions to my research
Data analysis
Computational Social Science
User interviews
Experiment design
Comments about previous experiences working with students

I have worked and published with undergraduates in leading academic venues.

My students, depending on their interests and expertise, take up:

  • Data collection and analysis tasks coding with Python
  • Web application/Game building tasks coding in JS/React
  • Conduct qualitative interviews with social media users.
  • Game design and evaluation
Regions of Academic Interest
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Unpaid opportunities
Research activity interest
Question: Designing experiments
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