Anton Avanceña
Research Interests

I am a decision scientist and health policy researcher who studies how efficiency and equity in health can be improved globally. My main area of research involves (1) understanding the health, economic, and social consequences of mental and behavioral health disorders, particularly alcohol misuse, and (2) evaluating treatments, pharmacotherapies, and population-level interventions for mental and behavioral health. I have also conducted, and continue to do, research in other clinical areas such as pediatrics, infectious diseases, gastroenterology/hepatology, and oncology.

I also maintain a robust global health research portfolio that has historically focused on health systems research, malaria control and elimination, and health services for marginalized and hard-to-reach populations.

My main methodological approaches are simulation and mathematical modeling, economic evaluation (e.g., cost-effectiveness analysis), secondary data analysis, research synthesis (i.e., systematic reviews and meta-analyses), and qualitative research.

Below are some on-going research projects in my group:

  • Cost-effectiveness analysis of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapies for severe mental illness and substance use disorders
  • Estimating access and unmet need for alcohol use disorder treatments among cancer survivors
  • Evaluating the costs, health benefits, cost-effectiveness, and health equity effects of alcohol pricing policies (e.g., alcohol taxes, minimum unit pricing)
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis of alcohol use disorder treatments among sexual and gender minorities
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