Barbara Ann Bintliff
Job Title
Research Interests

Barbara Bintliff is Joseph C. Hutcheson Professor Emeritus in Law and former Director of the Tarlton Law Library/Jamail Center for Legal Research. She came to the School of Law in the fall of 2010, after serving as the Nicholas Rosenbaum Professor of Law and Director of the William A. Wise Law Library at the University of Colorado. Her research interests include the authentication of legal materials and studying the differences between print and electronic information retrieval and the ways in which these search methods yield divergent results.

She was selected to present the prestigious 22nd Annual Austin Scott, Jr. Lecture at the University of Colorado, and followed it with an article in Law Library Journal, From Creativity to Computerese: Thinking Like a Lawyer in the Computer Age. Professor Bintliff also maintains an interest in exploring issues of legal history and comparative legal systems. She served on the editorial board of several journals and contributes regularly to the scholarly and professional literature through articles, reviews, and other publications.

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