Dana Ballard
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Research Interests

Dr. Ballard's main research interest is in computational theories of the brain with emphasis on human vision. In 1985 he and Chris Brown led a team that designed and built a high speed binocular camera control system capable of simulating human eye movements. The system was mounted on a robotic arm that allowed it to move at one meter per second in a two meter radius workspace. This system has led to an increased understanding of the role of behavior in vision. The theoretical aspects of that system were summarized in a paper ``Animate Vision,'' which received the Best Paper Award at the 1989 International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence. Currently Dr. Ballard is interested in pursuing this research by using model humans in virtual reality environments. In addition he is interested in models of the brain that relate to detailed neural codes. A position paper on this work appeared in the Behavioral and Brain Sciences.

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