Don Batory
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Research Interests

Software architectures, extensible and object-oriented databases, domain modeling, software system generators; Product-line architectures and automated software development are keys to improved programmer productivity, product quality, reduced maintenance costs, and enhanced application performance. Dr. Batory and his students are investigating ways to realize practical, domain-specific component-based design methodologies and technologies for large scale application synthesis. This spans the topics of: extensible software (i.e., software that is easy to both extend and contract to match the customized needs of application requirements), adaptive software (i.e., software that reconfigures itself periodically to maximize performance), software architectures (building customized applications from components), object-oriented design patterns, extensible languages, domain modeling, and parameterized programming. The domains of his current interest include command-and-control simulators, radio software, compilers, avionics, database management, and data structures.

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