E. Ciszek
Research Interests

Ciszek's research, teaching, and service are all grounded in a commitment to strategic communication for social justice. Their inquiries explore about how social movements utilize strategic communication tools to influence public opinion and public policy. Through engagement with critical theory and empirical research, their scholarship bridges the gap between activism and public relations.

Ciszek’s research engages in theoretically and empirically rigorous work, engaging with hard-to-reach populations and hard-to-study groups, groups that are marginalized and vulnerable and difficult to represent. They are a leader in strategic communication on LGBTQ research, and their work has received national and international recognition. Additionally, Ciszek works with organization and corporations to move the needle on diversity, equity and inclusion, incorporating their research to provide actionable recommendations for teams. Their research closes the loop by engaging with practitioners and professional communities who can use their research. Ciszek’s research appears in top communication journals such as New Media & SocietyJournal of Communication and Social Media & Society. 

Before launching their academic career, Ciszek worked in advertising and public relations. Additionally, they have worked in strategic analytics, market research and contributed to LGBTQ newspapers and magazines. As someone with professional experience in strategic communication working with nonprofits and Fortune 500 companies, Ciszek recognized the lack of diversity and representation that often characterizes the fields of public relations and advertising. Through their research and teaching, Ciszek is committed to making a space for marginalized voices and perspectives that have historically been written out of research.

Additionally, Ciszek is interested in the role of strategic communication and health, with a particular focus on underrepresented and underserved populations.

Comments about previous experiences working with students

Dr. Ciszek is open and eager to work with graduate students. Ciszek is accepting advisees and serving on graduate committees.

Personal Pronouns