Norma L Fowler
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Research Interests

Professor Fowler and her students are currently pursuing a variety of questions in several areas of plant population ecology and plant community ecology. These areas include (1) the dynamics and regulation of plant populations; (2) the effects of herbivory and of fire on plant population dynamics and plant-plant interactions; (3) the factors that determine plant distributions and plant community composition and dynamics across the landscape. A number of their current projects have conservation applications, including studies of endangered species, studies of non-native invasive species, and the management of central Texas woodlands, grasslands, and savannas. They study a variety of plant species (grasses, wildflowers, woody plants) and communities, mostly in central Texas. They use field experiments, descriptive field studies, and mathematical models.

Typical student contributions to my research
participate in collection of field data
data entry tasks
data analysis and write-up
measuring, processing collected plant material
Comments about previous experiences working with students

To EVS bio-track students: I am also your faculty adviser. So come talk to me about finding a mentor for your capstone project if you need advice or help with that. (Or any other EVS issues, of course.) To EEB students: I used to be the EEB faculty adviser. If you are interested in ecology, you are also welcome to come see me.

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