Justin Benzer
Research Interests

My research focuses on how to develop and implement organizational structures, processes, and policies that support process improvement, teamwork, and coordination of care. In the department of psychiatry, I focus mostly on mental health topics, but I also collaborate with medical departments. I am primarily interested in working with students who have a background in organization science/management (i.e., at least one course completed that focuses on organization science or management topics). Students should also have interest in the healthcare industry, but no previous experience is needed. 

Typical student contributions to my research
A volunteer undergraduate research assistant would generally start with a literature review. We would focus on an area that intersects their interests and mine. In parallel, students will learn about my active research areas and look
Comments about previous experiences working with students

I am a full-time researcher at the Dell Medical School, but I also enjoy mentoring students. I have mentored Plan II honors students, as well as other undergraduates, medical students, psychiatry residents, and post-doctoral fellows. 

Affiliated Departments