Julia Clarke
Job Title
Research Interests

Clarke's research focuses on using phylogenetic methods and diverse data types to gain insight into the evolution of birds, avian flight and the co-option of the flight stroke for underwater diving.

She is particularly interested in understanding shared patterns and potential causal factors in the evolution of living bird lineages.

Her lab seeks new data to inform how avian diversity and distributions have changed across their deep histories. International collaborations and fieldwork (e.g., in Peru, New Zealand, Antarctica, Mongolia and China) provide new fossil data to approach these questions. She received a BA from Brown University and a PhD from Yale University.

Areas of Expertise for Media Contacts: The evolution of birds, flight, systematic paleontology, evolution of morphology, dinosaurs

Comments about previous experiences working with students

I welcome undergraduates in my lab. I also teach a research design course "Curiousity to Question" GEO 371T for students to hone their approach to answering questions through writing, visual and quantitative toolkits.

Students who take the course also become eligible for additional International summer opportunites and participation in a mentorship network: Geoscience Ambassadors.

Countries of Academic Interest