Lawrence Cormack
Job Title
Research Interests

Sensory, perceptual, and computational aspects of human vision; binocular vision and stereopsis; the comparative physiology and evolution of vision; computational modeling of early visual processes; depth perception and disparity scaling.
Historically, Dr. Cormack's research interest has been in contrast processing in stereoscopic vision, which is a good model system in which to study how the brain combines signals in general. Recently, he and Scott Stevenson (of the University of Houston) have been explicitly generalizing models of contrast processing in stereopsis to the domains of spatial vision and motion perception. Dr. Cormack is also exploring some properties of motion perception via a novel illusion discovered in his laboratory. Recently however, Dr. Cormack, in collaboration with fellow CPS member Alan Bovik, has been investigating the image properties that attract gaze when viewing natural scenes and when searching for targets imbedded in naturalistic noise.