Leah Cox
Research Interests

I am interested in interdisciplinary collaborations that employ dance and embodied creativity to discover new perspectives and ways of problem-solving.  I view dance as a method and lens for responding to issues, concerns, and priorities that exist in disciplines outside of dance's scope, and I have found transdisciplinary partnerships to be an exciting and productive way to generate new habits of mind, novel processes, and embodied knowledge for all involved.  

I am currently advancing a project called the Failure Collective, which is an intergenerational, transdisciplinary workshop focused on creativity.  When we shed the success/failure paradigm, creativity becomes possible.  We are most free to explore potentially "useless," "bad," or "failed" processes or ideas when we are free of the imperative to solve a problem.  These workshops provide methods for creating new mindsets by embracing play, impossible problems, and seemingly useless skills.  

Typical student contributions to my research
Gathering sources, correspondence and workshop planning, administration and organization, further innovation and developments to Failure Collective workshops
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Question: Designing experiments
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