Ryan Gray
Research Interests

Dr. Gray is a developmental biologist interested in morphogenesis. Previously, he concentrated on normal morphogenesis of the embryo, including frog and zebrafish and for isolated tissues using mouse organotypic culture. He is now interested in the pathophysiology of morphogenesis, especially how it impacts adult form. He has developed expertise in diverse microscopy and cellular and molecular biology techniques. He's used these skills to begin studies of scoliosis in the zebrafish. Currently, he is concentrating on how to use genetics and genomics, including performing large scale forward mutant screens, generating and analyzing Illumina sequencing data sets, understanding human genetic (GWAS) data sets, and applying reverse genetics in zebrafish to evaluate human genetic data.

Typical student contributions to my research
genotyping working with zebrafish, confocal microscopy, CRISPR
Comments about previous experiences working with students

We have lots of projects for dedicated undergraduate students willing to invest a minimum of 10 hours / week.