Steven A. Abrams
Research Interests

Steven A. Abrams, M.D., is a professor in the Department of Pediatrics at Dell Medical School.

Abrams has developed and championed the use of stable isotopes to determine mineral requirements and physiological turnover rates in infants and children. He developed the mass spectrometric methods and analytical approaches allowing populations throughout the world to obtain critical data needed for food fortification strategies to be effective. 

His research has also furthered understanding of the physiological basis for hormonal changes during growth affecting bone formation and turnover using mathematical modeling techniques adapted by his team for infants and small children. He has conducted research studies using mineral isotopes in more than 20 countries and for 25 years operated the largest nutritional research lab in the world analyzing biological samples for mineral isotope enrichment. He has frequently consulted with governments and has been a trainer for the International Atomic Energy Agency in developing the skills of scientists in countries including Pakistan, Egypt, Indonesia and South Africa on isotopic techniques as applying to human nutrition. 

He has also authored dozens of methodological papers and a textbook relating disease processes to nutrient metabolism.