Centering Parenting (Group Well Child Check) EMR Study

This project is ongoing.

The group visit is a novel form of delivering healthcare. The model that we implemented and have run at Community Care since 2009 is called Centering Parenting.  The three tenets of group well child are assessment, education and support.  Below is a presentation that I prepared for UT-DMS medical students and residents to get an idea of how a group goes:

We are part of the GrowBaby Research network and are participating in the following study: 

We will conduct a multi-site retrospective study of singleton infants (20-28 months of age) who have participated in CenteringParenting group well-child care or routine individual care between Jan 1, 2021 and Dec 30, 2021. 

Patient-level variables (i.e., age (in months), length, weight, immunizations, healthcare utilization (i.e., # of visits), breastfeeding exclusivity and duration, maternal variables (e.g., post-partum depression), developmental screening scores and sociodemographic variables) will be extracted from electronic medical record systems from participating family medicine and pediatric sites of the CenteringParenting Research Network (CPRN), a national practice-based research network. We will extract 100 CenteringParenting and 100 Routine Care charts from each site. We will extract patient data with either automatic reports built on search algorithms or with manual review of EMRs when automatic reporting is not possible.

To exchange data, excel or .CSV files will be shared with the CPRN Data Coordinating Center through the REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) application, a HIPAA-compliant secure web application for building and managing online databases. Data will be summarized and comparatively analyzed by an independent statistician who is affiliated with the CPRN Research Team and the Vital Village Research Network Lab at Boston Medical Center.

I am seeking a student (medical, nursing, public health, pre-med, etc) who is interested in learning more about this innovative model that is disrupting the traditional mode healthcare delivery and who is looking for the opportunity to be part of a research study and paper that we will compose and publish after data collection is complete and analyzed. 


We transitioned from the NextGen EMR to Epic in 2021. The charts you are going to be accessing will require a manual chart review. I will teach you how to navigate this system (EPIC, Next Gen, legacy encounters, etc). 

It will be important to have:

  • Attention to detail
  • Desire to learn about pediatric parameters if you are not already familiar
  • Familiarity with medical language


Project Timeline

The time is relatively open right now, but I would like to get started this semester, if possible. 



Go through charts, deidentify data, and do a manual search for the following information:

  1. Background/demographics
  2. Maternal mental health
  3. WCC Attendance
  4. Immunizations
  5. Growth trajectory
  6. Breastfeeding rates
  7. Optional (developmental screens, ICD-10's at 2y old age, etc). 
Typical Time Commitment
2+ hours per week. Work is web-based.
Desired Length of Commitment
Not sure. Until project is complete.


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