Global Jazz

This project is ongoing.

I am involved in a long-term multi-sited exploration of jazz *outside* of the US. Questions include: the role of race and class; stylistic variations; and the alternative political uses of the music in various contexts. Sites include Sweden, South Africa, and Argentina.

Each country/region has its own unique characteristics, thus a student who is interested in any of the following would be encouraged to join the project.

Sweden: history and politics, literature, film, and art/design

South Africa: history and politics, race (especially unique categories like "Cape Coloured"), African performance aesthetics (music/dance), urban studies, regionalism

Argentina: history and politics, nightlife, race, indigeneity, tango, milonga (and other forms of music+dance)


Open to anyone interested in culture/history/politics. I am especially interested in students who have unique language skills relating to the regions (Swedish, Afrikaans/Xhosa, or Spanish--particularly Argentine accents and the Rio de la plata dialect, though this is not essential.)

The language need is not vital, but even students whose research interests might lie outside any of the above would be welcome if they have any of these languages.

Experience in music is NOT necessary (you don't need to be able to read/play), but I certainly welcome it.

Project Timeline



Research (library, archival); transcriptions of interviews; written and spoken translations (if applicable).

Time commitment would be low during the initial stages of the project, maybe 1-2 hours a week.


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