The Texas PRIDE in Health Collaborative

This project is ongoing.

The Texas PRIDE in Health Collaborative is looking for undergraduate and graduate students interested in supporting various projects related to LGBTQ+ Health. Our current projects include:

  1. TIME ACE - Timing & Intensity: Measuring and Evaluating Adverse Childhood Experiences. An interview study aimed at understanding contextual factors of timing (when and how often exposure occurred) and intensity (the perceived impact of exposure) related to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in LGBTQ+ individual. Exposure to ACEs has been shown to negatively impact adult health outcomes. LGBTQ+ people are exposed to more ACEs compared to cisgender and heterosexual individuals. However, less is known about how ACEs are experienced by LGBTQ+ people and how exposure influences perceptions of health and wellbeing across the life course. In this study, we will interview 40 LGBTQ+ adults giving specific attention to the intersection of sexual and gender identity. 
  2. CHEMSS - Chemsex & Health: Evaluating and Measuring Substance Use and Sex. Chemsex is defined as using substances before or during sex and this potentially increases risk for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). While past research has established a link between substance use and HIV risk, less is known about the factors contributing to chemsex initiation and continuation. Moreover, interventions to prevent HIV/STIs in individuals who engage in chemsex are limited in scope. The purpose of this interview study is to understand why men who have sex with men engage in chemsex, how they started, and why they continue. Moreover, this study will identify preferences and needs for interventions meant to reduce harm when engaging in chemsex and promote cessation of chemsex. 
  3. I-PrEP Texas: Preference for Implantable PrEP in MSM. Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a daily oral medication used for preventing the sexual transmission of HIV and has been shown to be 99% effective. Newer, longer-acting forms of PrEP (LA PrEP) are now available and continue to be developed. This interview study is aimed at understanding preferences and needs related to an implantable versions of LA PrEP from the perspectives of men who have sex with men and primary care physicians in Texas. 
  4. The Texas PRIDE in Health Collaborative - We are always looking for students to help support our evaluation processes and social media presence.  The Collaborative is network of more than 100 researchers and community partners from across Texas aimed at building capacity for LGBTQ+ health research. Specific information about The Collaborative can be found here:
  5. There are also opportunities to support other studies that can be view on our website. These can be discussed on a case-by-case basis. 

Required. Applicants must be sophomore or higher. 


  1. Experience with qualitative data collection and analysis. 
  2. Have previously worked on research related to LGBTQ+ populations, HIV prevention, sexual health, early life adversity/ACEs. 
  3. Experience conducting systematic literature reviews. 
  4. Experience with manuscript or report writing. 
  5. Experience with database management and/or statistical analysis.

Additional preferred qualification for students applying for The Collaborative positions. 

  1. Experience using design tools like Canva.
Project Timeline


  1. Supporting data cleaning. 
  2. Supporting data collection and analysis. 
Typical Time Commitment
At least 5 hours per week
Desired Length of Commitment


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