Undergraduate Research Assistant

Although the application date for this project is past, the project is still ongoing. You may still wish to contact this professor about other ways of getting involved with this work. Please attend an info session or contact email for more information.

Role Description:
This position supports the work of the Latino Research Institute’s primary data collection of a new research study that will examine the implementation and efficacy of a culturally adapted parenting intervention for Latino families in Austin. This a community-based research collaboration between UT Austin, San José Catholic Church, and the Migrant Clinicians Network.

Duties and Responsibilities:
URAs will assist with a variety of tasks to support the data collection and management needs of the project:
• Prepare research materials for data collection (e.g., develop web-based survey)
• Pilot test web-based surveys
• Conduct field data collection (remotely via telephone or Zoom or in person, pending COVID-19 restrictions)
• Interview parents and adolescents
• Assist in data entry and archival tasks
These responsibilities will be performed remotely. Given the dynamic environment created by COVID-19, your responsibilities and/or your work location may be re-assessed throughout the period of employment.


Must be fluent in English and Spanish
Strong organizational skills
Basic computer skills
Research experience (preferred, but not required)

Typical Time Commitment
10 hours/ Week
Desired Length of Commitment
Summer 2021 Semester


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