Waller Creek Biodiversity & Sustainability: working group and archive

This project is closed.

Project PI's include Dr. Dean Hendrickson, Dr. Mary Poteet and Adam Cohen. The project aims to bring together research products (reports, images, data, etc.) received from anyone, related to Waller Creek. Digital files will be deposited into UT's Digital Repository, creating a permanent archive of everything known about Waller Creek. A second aspect of the project involves coordinating with the public and researchers and participating in biodiversity sampling in Waller Creek. We will be collecting specimens for UT's Biodiversity Collections and photographing biodiversity to archive on iNaturalist.


Need outgoing students interested in library/information science and biodiversity. Preferred students will have had some research experience, know how to use Microsoft Office products (especially Excel). Must be detail oriented.

Project Timeline

Project duration is 1 year starting Sept 1, 2015. Ideally an applicant can be available for the full extent of the project.


Duties may include contacting researchers and gathering meta data relating to research products, digitization of paper documents, reconciling files and data with meta data, data entry, submitting data to UT's Digital Repository, involvement with biodiversity sampling, organizing sampling events, and specimen preparation.

Work location is somewhat flexible since much of the work can be done from a computer with an internet connection. But we will require some time with primary investigators on main campus and at Pickle Research Center in north Austin in the Ichthyology Collection.


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