Allen Bard
Job Title
Research Interests

Analytical chemistry and electrochemistry: Dr. Bard's group works on the application of electrochemical methods to chemical problems. They are particularly interested in elucidating the behavior and properties of novel organic and inorganic species and studying these systems under extreme conditions (e.g., in supercritical fluids). They also study the interaction of light and electrochemical systems. For example, one can produce light by electrochemical generation of reactive species (electrogenerated chemiluminescence). Their group also studies the utilization of light in photoelectrochemical cells with semiconductor electrodes or particles for the generation of electricity and chemicals. Fundamental studies of the semiconductor/solution interface and of very small (Q- or quantum-sized) particles are carried out. Dr. Bard and his collaborators are also developing the technique of scanning electrochemical microscopy, invented by our group, in imaging and analyzing surface structures, measuring reaction rates, investigating biological systems and performing high resolution fabrication.

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