Chandrajit L Bajaj
Job Title
Research Interests

My current research is on the computer science and computational mathematics foundations of statistical and dynamic decision making, learning dynamical systems and exploratory visualization. I develop machine learning and geometric optimization algorithms for applications in the physical, chemical, health and environmental data sciences, medicine and neuro-morphic computing. I also revisit my past research in modeling multi-scale form and function, through the lens of inferential data sciences,. My current research projects include (a) forward and inverse optimization problems in microscopy, spectroscopy, electro-magnetic and electro-optical wide spectrum imaging; (b) generative shape and new material design for spatially realistic and phenomenological models; (c) learning from nature and generating models and mechanisms with accelerated and emergent properties. I teach an undergraduate course titled "Geometric Foundations of Data Sciences" and a graduate course titled "Predictive Machine Learning". See Teaching . I have a core appointment in the Oden Institute as the Director of the Center for Computational Visualization (CVC and supervise Oden Institute CAM / CSEM M.S./Ph.`D students. I also hold courtesy appointments and supervise undergraduates, M.S. and Ph.D. students from several UT departments, including biomedical and electrical engineering, neuroscience, and mathematics. 

The following is a link to my Current Research Projects.