Christine Duvauchelle
Research Interests

For Spring 2020-2021, the focus of our research is to develop a software analyses program that will automate tabulation and categorization of ultrasonic vocalization (USV) data. USVs have been used as a direct measure of neurochemical responsiveness to social and drug-associated stimuli. We have specifically utilized USV data to: 1) define emotional profiles underlying vulnerability, resistance to alcohol use and predicting future alcohol intake levels, 2) to explore drug sensitivity and drug tolerance development during short and long-term cocaine and morphine experience, and 3) transgenerational epigenetic effects of toxin exposure. For our software development project, we seek highly motivated undergraduates interested in volunteering at least 10 hrs/wk. Summer availability is also a high priority. To be considered for a position, email a schedule of availability for this current semester (Spring 2020) and Summer 2020 along with your resume and personal statement outlining research interests/motivation for performing research to: and Subject: Undergraduate Research Volunteer. Completion of a series of online training modules relating to laboratory safety and security will also be required prior to specific training in the laboratory.