George D Bittner
Job Title
Research Interests

Cellular, molecular and developmental neurobiology Rapid, artificially induced regeneration of severed mammalian peripheral axons Cellular mechanisms/biochemical pathways that seal plasmalemmal damage

Typical student contributions to my research
Undergraduate student contributions are recognized on peer-reviewed research papers.
Comments about previous experiences working with students

I perform a significant amount of individual research instruction with undergraduates who often register for BIO research courses, Biology Honors, or Plan II thesis courses. Whether they officially register or not, each student makes a commitment to work 10-20 hours per week for at least 24 months and to take a series of courses in cell, molecular, and/or neurobiology to give them an appropriate conceptual and factual basis for their research. By the time they graduate, most such students are a co-author in at least one peer-reviewed publication and participate in weekly lab journal club/data presentation meeting.