John Digiovanni
Job Title
Research Interests

Dr. DiGiovanni is a recognized expert in the field of chemical carcinogenesis and particularly multistage carcinogenesis using the mouse skin model. His research accomplishments have spanned the fields of metabolism and metabolic activation of polycyclic hydrocarbon (PAH) carcinogens, PAH DNA adduct chemistry, PAH-induced macromolecular damage and mutagenesis, and more recently in understanding signaling pathways related to chemically-induced cell proliferation and tumor promotion.
In recent years, Dr. DiGiovanni has been using transgenic approaches both for addressing mechanistic questions about signal transduction pathways and carcinogenesis, but also for developing new animal models of human cancer. Dr. DiGiovanni is currently studying dietary energy balance and its impact on skin and prostate carcinogenesis and also several potential chemopreventive agents using the two-stage skin carcinogenesis model.