Sarah Bearman
Research Interests

My research focuses on the dissemination and implementation of empirically supported mental health practices (ESPs) for underserved youth in community settings. Recent research suggests that children who receive treatment as usual in community mental health clinics on average show little improvement over an episode of care—and may even get worse over the course of treatment. While the evidence base suggests that ESPs are efficacious for youth with a wide range of mental health problems, most of these interventions are not available in the settings where children receive treatment. Even when ESPs are implemented in the settings where most youth receive services, the effects are not as substantial as when the interventions are tested in rigorously controlled research trials. My research seeks to examine the processes and contexts that promote and support the effective use and sustainability of ESPs. In particular, this work emphasizes research-practice partnerships and seeks to collaborate with community stakeholders in the clinics and schools where most youth receive services.

Affiliated Departments