Zenzi Margareta Griffin
Job Title
Research Interests

Dr. Griffin studies how people express thoughts or messages in spoken utterances. Work in the Cognition and Communication Lab is particularly concerned with how messages are mapped onto words and how speakers manage the timing of word retrieval and articulating speech in their first or second languages. 

Keywords: Cognition, psycholinguistics, language production

Typical student contributions to my research
Students are welcome to come with their own projects and develop them with Dr. Griffin.
Students usually start off working on existing lab projects during their first semester.
Students collect data from human subjects in simple computer and eye-tracking experiments.
Students with programming skills may be asked to help program experiments or do data processing tasks.
Students transcribe and code data.
Students learn about research design and theoretical perspectives and are encouraged to contribute to both.
After the first semester, students are encouraged to develop their own projects or take a more responsible, supervisory role on existing projects.
Comments about previous experiences working with students

Dr. Griffin usually works directly with undergraduate students, which makes it easy to write letters of recommendation for them. Students often earn thanks in the acknowledgments section of publications. Some students earn the status of co-author on a publication.

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