URAs in Nanomanufacturing and Nanostructured Materials

This project is ongoing.

Multiple openings for funded undergraduate research assistant (URA) position in manufacturing of 3D nanostructures. Recent progress in nanotechnology have resulted in novel materials that can not be found in traditional bulk materials, such as anti-glare, self-cleaning, dynamic colors, etc. However, the scalable fabrication of these nanostructured materials remains a difficult challenge and is a barrier to commercialization. This research focuses on nanomanufacaturing techniques using both self-assembly and nanolithography techniques, which can be implemented in a roll-to-roll system. Novel behaviors of the fabricated structures will also be studied, including optical, mechanical, and electrical properties.


Interests in nanotechnology, nanomanufacturing, and advanced materials.

Project Timeline

The project is on-going and the timeline is flexible. Initial appointment starts at 1 semester, with the option of extension based on student interest.


Students will initially assist graduate student setup experiments, collect data, and fabricate samples. The student will have the option of initiating independent research project towards the end of the first semester if interested in continuing.

Typical Time Commitment
10 hours/week
Desired Length of Commitment
1 semester


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