Andreana P Haley
Research Interests

The biological underpinnings of cognitive impairment associated with aging and dementia- in particular, studying the neural substrates of memory, language and executive function in clinical populations, in vivo, by utilizing functional neuroimaging (fMRI) and neurospectroscopy (1H MRS).
Dr. Haley also conducts work to determine how disturbances in glucose metabolism, hormonal regulation, and cardiovascular functioning contribute to changes in cognition, brain morphology, and energy metabolism. The ultimate goal of this research is to bridge knowledge from basic and clinical neuroscience with the aim of improving how we understand, predict, and treat age- and disease-related cognitive impairment.

Typical student contributions to my research
cognitive testing
MRI data collection
Comments about previous experiences working with students

Getting involved in the Clinical Neuroscience Lab can be a rewarding and profitable experience. Fourteen of my forty-three undergraduate research assistants over the past 12 years have co-authored at least one journal article; nine have completed honors theses; and fifteen have successfully pursued advanced degrees in psychology, medicine, pharmacy, and opthamology.

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