Jaimie Davis
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Research Interests

Dr. Davis’s research focuses on designing and disseminating nutrition, physical activity, and behavioral interventions to reduce obesity and related metabolic disorders in overweight minority children and adolescents. She has a strong background in nutrition, physical activity, body composition assessment, and metabolic testing in pediatric populations. Dr. Davis is currently conducting a clinical trial (called "Sugar Brain") to assess how sugar sweetened beverage intake impacts acute neural reward pathways, satiety/hunger cues, and metabolic responses in overweight Hispanic children (7-9 years of age). Dr. Davis is also conducting a cross-sectional study with Hispanic college freshmen (called the "Freshmen Health Study") to examine how eating frequency impacts body composition (specifically liver and visceral fat stores), metabolic profiles (i.e., insulin action and lipids), and the gut microbiome. Lastly, Dr. Davis will begin a large school-based randomized controlled trial to test the effects of a two-year gardening, nutrition, and cooking intervention on obesity and metabolic parameters in predominately low-income, Hispanic children and their parents.

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