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The primary mission of the Center for European Studies is the promotion of the study of Europe in the form of: language study; providing courses on European culture, history, economics and politics; and providing opportunities for study abroad. The Center for European Studies has a firm commitment to developing campus resources and courses that will give students the training they need to participate in an international arena in which the European Union plays a key role. By highlighting an interdisciplinary course of study and by offering a degree plan that is not limited by traditional disciplinary boundaries, the Center for European Studies can respond to political and private sector demands for integrated studies that include both academic study and professional training. The Center is committed to reaching out to the campus community as well as the broader region to provide access to European speakers and activities which will promote interest Europe. As part of the largest university in the State of Texas, the Center has a special responsibility to support continued international development and to educate students that can play a fundamental role in an international community in which the European Union is a critical player.



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