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From its inception as a concentration to its present status as an integrative major, the Jewish Studies program at The University of Texas has been designed to reflect the dynamic complexity of Jewish histories, literatures, populations, traditions, and transformations wherever they have existed. As a richly diversified field, Jewish Studies at UT has embraced a wide range of interrelated studies including history, archaeology, languages, literature, textual analysis, ritual studies, sociology, art, and religious thought. This diversity of ideas and methods constructs natural bridges for students across the university to enter into dialogue with Jewish culture and, through such conversations, to reflect on their own disciplines or traditions. Thanks to a generous grant from the Schusterman Foundation, the newly configured Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies at the University of Texas will undertake a broad program of enrichment and expansion involving the hiring of new and distinguished faculty in core subjects and in the Center’s area of focus, the study of Jewish life in the Americas. Even as it strengthens its curriculum, the Center will reach beyond the classroom through the support of University and community-wide events, support of visiting scholars who wish to use the University’s rich Judaica collections, as well as through lectures, conferences, exhibits, and concerts displaying the full range of Jewish culture. It will become an internationally recognized crossroads for Jewish Studies scholars.



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